Playing High Stakes Slots

When you think of high stakes slot games, you probably imagine martini glasses, tuxes and grand chandeliers hanging from a casino ceiling. Nowadays, high stakes slots are available online, which means you can play it while drinking a soda and wearing sweats under your home's ceiling fan. Either way, you're in for a game full of action.

High Stakes Slots Game

High stakes slot games do not have a standard wagering amount, but many players would say that any slots where you have to bet at least $5 is high stakes. You might be wondering why $5 is considered "high stakes." Well, when avid gamblers who love the slots typically wager between $0.01 and $1, $5 can be quite the jump. Some slot games have an even higher minimum. In fact, a few slots in Vegas have a minimum wager of $1,000. One such slot is at the Aria casino. This slot machine in particular allows players to bet all 5 $1,000 coins, which means you would be wagering $5,000 on a single spin! Of course, such large bets could result in jackpots as big as $1.25 million.

Place High Stakes Bets Anywhere

When you think of slots, you probably think Vegas. Makes sense since approximately 80% of the town's casino revenue comes from the slots. Other major gaming destinations include Macau, Atlantic City, Singapore and Monte Carlo. Whether or not a casino offers high stakes slots depends on if the casino is located in a popular location with lots of visitors. But, you don't have to travel far to place a big bet. The sharks are out. The casino slots online website provides the sharpest and coolest games, both in terms of graphics and overall game quality. The players will appreciate the new web design as well as the quick promotional offers. Making a deposit is easy once you become a participant. Are you just too busy to travel? Plenty of online casinos offer high stakes slots. The only difference is that online casinos don't set their high stakes slots coin denominations to a minimum of $5 or up. High stakes online slots give players the chance to wager between $0.01 and $5.

Playing High Stakes Slots

With this being said, why do people bet big? High stakes slots aren't as expensive over the long run. This is because high coin denomination slots typically pay 97% to 99% back to players. So, what does this mean? The average player who risks $5 on a spin will theoretically only lose $0.05 to $0.15 per spin. High stakes slots also offer more comps and personalized service. If you're playing high stakes slots in brick and mortar casinos, you might experience free hotel rooms, meals, nightclub bottle service and limo rides. Online casinos might offer high stakes gamblers cash back bonuses, freeroll entries and vacation packages.

There are great reasons to play high stakes slots - the perks, the action and the thrill of the game. The only catch is that you just need the money to play! So put on your tux - or your sweatpants - and start playing!
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