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The favorite casino game of High Rollers and High Stakes players--or VIPs--is online baccarat. This is because the game's house edge is lower than the slots and roulette and approaching that of blackjack.


Baccarat was famously James Bond's game of choice in Ian Flemings spy novels, although he never got to play baccarat free online. The game was also a famous favorite of the French ruling classes, and is named after the Italian word for "zero": "Baccarat". Baccarat is pronounced 'ba-ka-ra' and is a straightforward game with 3 possible outcomes: 'Player wins', 'Banker' wins, and 'Tie'. In Baccarat, people bet on the hand--either the player's or the banker's--that they believe will finish with a baccarat score of nine or as close to nine as possible.

Punto Banco

It is in fact a beautifully simple game, which is why Punto Banco--the simplest variant--offers one of the lowest house edges in a casino. The player bet has a house edge of just 1.24%, whilst the banker bet has an advantage of 1.06%. Considering the house edge is over 5% in American Roulette, it is easy to see why this game is popular with high stakes players who play the best online baccarat to perfect card playing skills. Like blackjack and roulette, online baccarat is one of the most popular games at online casino sites across the Internet.

As baccarat can yield a 1% house edge, or 99% return to player, it is a card game that is favorable compared to most casino games played at both online and actual casinos, which pay out at around 96% to 97%. Enjoy our articles and free information on baccarat and remember to play responsibly. Please note that playing baccarat online should be affordable entertainment, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

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