Testing Casino Software Games

Before games are ever introduced by an online casino, the software is thoroughly tested to ensure fairness, smooth game play, and more. The software developer, the casino that purchases the software, and the certification companies that license online casinos all make sure that players get the best and most complete online casino experience possible.

At the Software Level

Even free casino software games must undergo rigorous testing for weeks before players ever get access to them. Software development companies are interested in confirming that the games work the way that they're supposed to. They must make sure the random number generators produce truly unpredictable and random results as dice are rolled and cards are shuffled and dealt. If there is any pattern, players may be able to cheat casinos out of a good deal of money.

Standards of Excellence

The Technical System Testing company is an independent company that is used by most casinos to verify that their games uphold the highest standards of excellence. The TST uses computer simulators to run through games hundreds of thousands of times, noting any bias or pattern to the games. They also make sure that the games pay out winnings at a certain minimum level.

All testing standards are verified by certification companies and published on licensing websites. Players who are concerned about the quality or fairness of any free casino software games can easily find access to such information and confirm that their games have been thoroughly and fairly tested.

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